Our Story

T’amor Wellness Spa & Hair Salon was founded by Tia Moore of the beauty and service industry for 21 years.

Tamor Wellness Spa & Hair Salon.

Tia Moore has a background as cosmetologists/BA in Marketiong and have serviced celebrities, everyday consumers and also have a list certification to flourish the beauty industry with her grace. This Wellness Spa and Salon was birthed in 2019 by a vision she had from God and with faith and works Tia can now present something short of amazing.

T’amor Wellness Spa and Salon will bring something different to the south side of Chicago Beverly Hills area with a new cutting edge look, with a contemporary twist to relax, balance and unwind and have multiple services under one roof. T’amor Wellness Spa and Salon will cater to bring peace and health to the working class, corporate, retired, stay at home parent, athletes and front liners.

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