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Divine Unwind Swedish Massage

$100 | $135 | $160

Traditional glides strokes to relax and release tension to boost your mood to relieve anxiety with a lavender aromatherapy oil to restore health creating a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

Divine Unwind Deep Tissue Massage

$105 | $150 | $195

Intense massage modality with deep muscle work and essential oils that relieves tension loosen knots and help pain relief.

Therapetutic Customized Massage

$125 | $175 | $195

Combination of different techniques and modalities focus of specific complaints.

Trigger Full Body Massage

$125 | $175 | $195

Focus therapy with oil blend to relieve pain in problem areas such as sciatica, strand muscle, lower back pain, etc.

Athletic Massage

$125 | $175 | $195

Therapist will relax muscles and perform percussive technique that will treat score muscles and accelerate repair

Lomi Hot Stone Massage

$115 | $165 | $185

Heated lava stones are used in combination with gentle manual massage to ease muscle pain and promote higher level of relaxtion

Vegan Massage

$115 | $165 | $185

Moderate consistly of strokes to relieve tension, relax the muscles using vegan oils made natural ingredients free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, making it a moisturizing oil for our skin.

Serene Couple Massage

$265 | $310 | $345

Gentle relaxation full body massage including foot and hand reflexology and aromatheraphy oil to relax muscle and release tension

CBD Massage

$105 | $150 | $195

The anti-inflammatory and pain- relieving properties of cbd reduce chronic pain and inflammation, and alleviate stress and anxiety   

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Massage technique to stimulate moving lymph to the lymph nodes throughout your body for smoothing, releasing fluids, toxins to have a desired look

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